Tips to Create Breakaway Sports Banner Design for Your Favourite Team

Virtually everyone loves sporting events. The cheers, the chants, celebration and fun accompanied by sports and games are interesting experiences we all want to have—little wonder why playfields and stadiums are filled to the brim with people.

Have you ever experience the grand entry of your favourite team on the pitch or field? Breakaway banners are stunning ways for teams to make a grand entrance on the field before the game commences. These banners are widely used worldwide to evoke excitement and stir up confidence in the playing teams. Guess you’ve seen breakaway football banners countless times during football championships and matches.

Create Breakaway Sports Banner Design for Your Favourite Team

These banners are often inscribed with logos, slogans or images of mascots connected to the game. As the team players charge through the banner, it tears. Breakaway banners are sure to attract the attention of the crowd, thus creating excitement in them. Besides football banners which are quite popular, other banners are used for sports like hockey, rugby and basketball.

Breakaway banners are customized banners made up of large crêpe paper and adhesive tape. They’re usually hoisted before the game begins. The players charge towards the banner and break through it, thus adopting the name – breakaway banner.

The hoisted banner ushers in an inspiring and positive message to the team. As the players break through the banner, the spectators cheer them on. This builds team spirit, unity and sportsmanship in the team and crowd. As the crowd and spectators participate and feel enthusiastic about the game, the sporting spirit is ignited in both the team players and fans. Having appealing messages that excite fans, these banners are meant to be torn. Are you contemplating on whether to get a breakaway banner for your game?

Reasons to get a sport banner design

Inspiring Messages: These messages are quite common and motivating, leading teams to defeat their opponents.

Discouraging Messages: This is meant to diminish the confidence, posing your team as a threat to them. These are popular among rivalries.

Advertising Events: Banners can also be used as a means of marketing or advertisement. A side of the banner can be used to advertise sponsors or upcoming events.

Celebrating Milestones: Banners are often used to celebrate players or team’s milestones or accomplishments. Most times, the player or team’s name is engraved on the banner. 

What are the features of breakaway football banners?

Attachment of pole pockets

Most breakthrough banners are created with pole pockets on both sides of the banner. These pockets help hold your banner during usage.


Since breakaway banners are made to be run through, they are built to be long-lasting to resist stress from repeated entries by teams.

What are the tips for creating a breakaway sport banner design?

Below are tips you can adopt in making your banners:

Divide banner into four equal-size pieces. Let all the four pieces form one-quarter of the whole banner.

Place the banner pieces on a hard surface to form a puzzle-like shape.

Fold the inner sides of the banner paper such that the four large pieces are joined together.

Use less sticky tape in the middle of the paper since that’s the point where players will breakthrough.

Place two wooden rods on both sides of the paper; wrap both edges of the paper over the wooden rods. After that, seal them with adhesive tape.

These wooden rods act as the handles for the breakaway banner.

Spin the paper over and beautify it.

Decorate the paper with pictures or images of the team or club’s mascot, team name, team motto or things related to the club. These will thrill fans and players.

Store banners carefully to prevent damage. To store it, gently roll the banner in a loose role and keep it till a later time, when there’s a game or match.

Once the game begins, have enthusiastic fans, or cheer squad hold both sides of the banner.

The team will break through the banner in the nick of time.

In creating a banner, factors like size, width, logo, graphics and wordings should be considered. Ensure the banner is large enough for easy passage of players. Also, choose a paper that can be painted on, resists stretches and can tear easily. In choosing paper for your banner, it’s ideal you buy enough so you can test if the banner is the right one. A paper that doesn’t tear easily can result in players injuring themselves as they try to run through the banner.


Generate excitement and team pride before every game with breakaway banners.  Nothing beats the traditional promotion game like using banners all over the city. Stir up team spirit with these team sport banner designs.