How to Choose the Best Custom Softball BannerHow to Choose the Best Custom Softball Banner

The use of banners in sports has been around for some time. Banners are an excellent way for you to display your team and show your support. Banners can serve in different sports such as; softball, soccer, basketball, and more. Different sporting activities have incorporated custom team banners in their games.

How to Choose the Best Custom Softball Banner

The softball game is loved by many, which means that softball teams have a lot of supporters. Understanding how to choose the best custom softball banner will save you a great deal of time and effort.

How to Choose the Best Custom Softball Banner

Step 1

When choosing the best softball team banner, the first thing you want to do is pick out the colors. Ensure you pick a combination of enticing colors and throw in some catchy captions. If your team has sponsors, you should add their names and motto on the banner. Some websites offer some excellent softball team poster ideas which you can draw some inspiration from.


Tips to Create Breakaway Sports Banner Design for Your Favourite TeamTips to Create Breakaway Sports Banner Design for Your Favourite Team

Virtually everyone loves sporting events. The cheers, the chants, celebration and fun accompanied by sports and games are interesting experiences we all want to have—little wonder why playfields and stadiums are filled to the brim with people.

Have you ever experience the grand entry of your favourite team on the pitch or field? Breakaway banners are stunning ways for teams to make a grand entrance on the field before the game commences. These banners are widely used worldwide to evoke excitement and stir up confidence in the playing teams. Guess you’ve seen breakaway football banners countless times during football championships and matches.

Create Breakaway Sports Banner Design for Your Favourite Team

These banners are often inscribed with logos, slogans or images of mascots connected to the game. As the team players charge through the banner, it tears. Breakaway banners are sure to attract the attention of the crowd, thus creating excitement in them. Besides football banners which are quite popular, other banners are used for sports like hockey, rugby and basketball.

Breakaway banners are customized banners made up of large crêpe paper and adhesive tape. They’re usually hoisted before the game begins. The players charge towards the banner and break through it, thus adopting the name – breakaway banner.

The hoisted banner ushers in an inspiring and positive message to the team. As the players break through the banner, the spectators cheer them on. This builds team spirit, unity and sportsmanship in the team and crowd. As the crowd and spectators participate and feel enthusiastic about the game, the sporting spirit is ignited in both the team players and fans. Having appealing messages that excite fans, these banners are meant to be torn. Are you contemplating on whether to get a breakaway banner for your game?

Reasons to get a sport banner design

Inspiring Messages: These messages are quite common and motivating, leading teams to defeat their opponents.

Discouraging Messages: This is meant to diminish the confidence, posing your team as a threat to them. These are popular among rivalries.


Importance of Soccer Team BannersImportance of Soccer Team Banners

Sports have been the most exciting activities that can be practiced by a group of people from a different sports team, for people to watch and also to celebrate the team.

Sport constitutes immensely to people’s living in the sense that some people find joy in playing any game of their choice or probably staying awake to watch their loved sports team playing.

Having considered this, to make the sport recognisable and well-known, you must get a sports team banners.

Importance of Soccer Team Banners

However, there are different types of sports banner designs:

Types of sports banner designs

Rectangle sports banner: As the name implies this type of banner is in a rectangular shape format which can contain the names, photos and other information you want people to know about the sports.


Baseball Team BannerBaseball Team Banner

Baseball Team Banner

Baseball is dubbed as “America’s Pastime,” and “America’s Sport.” You may also have heard this cliche.” As American as Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevy.” All these refer to what baseball is all about. Many consider this sport as America’s most favorite and there are so many reasons for this. It will be easy to see which team you are with or, if you are not playing but watching only, which team you are supporting with the baseball team banners that you may be carrying.

Sports Banner for every Kind of Sport

There are different custom sports banners for a different kind of sport. Each says a whole lot about the game and the players in the game. These banners are creatively done and represent the whole team with the color and the design that make up everything in it. With so many teams playing in a season, it is essential that each one can be easily differentiated from the other. A baseball banner is one that will make you stand out from the rest.

But what does the baseball banner say about the team or the player in this team sport?

First, it talks about the long history that this sport has gone through. With all the variations in design, one can see so much has taken shape throughout the history of this game. Some chose not to notice any of these at all, and just enjoy the game as it is played. Just like how each banner is carried and waved while amongst the crowd, high and mighty, so does each team member and the whole team, as well plays within the grounds with such might to keep the ball high up in the air and send it where it will give others time to score.

Baseball took on a long and fascinating metamorphosis and all that most witness with each game that transpires is the evolution that is now celebrated by most Americans, even those from beyond the boundaries from where the game started.

Why is Baseball Considered America’s Favorite Sport?

There are so many reasons why baseball is noted to be America’s well-favored sport, such as follows:

  1. The game is known to have originated in America.
  2. It is considered to be one of the most colors blind game as a player’s value depends on his talent and not on his color or nationality.
  3. Baseball does not tolerate cheaters, so they say. Playing the game requires a sense of fairness and honesty, just like Americans consider themselves in general.
  4. Baseball champions the cause of the underdog. Teams or players, that overcome the challenges within the playing group and prevail are taken as Champions. They are not considered as anyone who may have just been lucky.
  5. This game reflects the contradictions within an American perspective. Members of the team may fiercely be independent. However, they can easily form extremely strong bonds with one another when placed into a team situation. Likewise, one who may be playing for the opponent may be looked upon today. Once he is acquired by trade, the same person becomes a valued member of the team, nevertheless.

Huskies Add Morrison To StaffHuskies Add Morrison To Staff


The Seguin Huskies are proud to announce the addition of Jeremy Morrison to the Seguin Huskies Staff.

Jeremy most recently comes from the NAHL National Champions and NAHL Organization of the Year Amarillo Bulls where he served as the Director of Game Day Operations and Ticket Account Manager. Jeremy will serve as part owner and President of off ice operations for the Seguin Huskies.

“We are extremely happy to bring Jeremy into the Huskies family” stated Head Coach / General Manager Gary Astalos. He went on to say “Jeremy is an excellent leader and communicator. He is going to lead our off ice team in the right direction and we are very fortunate to bring his experience and professionalism to our team; he will continue to help build what he are trying to accomplish here in Seguin.”

Before the Bulls Jeremy was with the Lubbock Cotton Kings Professional Hockey Team, Lubbock Renegades Arena Football Team, and the WPA and WTA Tennis Tour. Jeremy is a graduate of Texas Tech University under the College of Mass Communications with a degree in Public Relations and minors in Business Management and Exercise and Sport Science.

Jeremy looks forward to working with the Huskies Organization and the great community of Seguin.


Huskies Having Bad LuckHuskies Having Bad Luck


The season has been one of the most unlucky years in hockey for the Seguin Huskies. The club has dropped several games in a row, which were all 1 and 2 goal games that could have went either way.

The latest match was a 5-4 OT loss to the Parry Sound Islanders.

Parry Sound is on a league leading 16 game win streak and Seguin gave them the closest game they have seen in months.

Smortilla played outstanding in goal to fight out one point and give the Huskies a chance.

Scoring in the match included Burke with 2, Petersson and Pilatsky with singles.

Seguin will look to snap this recent skid of their own with a two game road trip this weekend.


Huskies over Mattawa 6-3 FinalHuskies over Mattawa 6-3 Final

Huskies over Mattawa 6-3 Final

The Seguin Huskies defeated the Mattawa Voyageurs in the lone home game this week. Mattawa was at Humphrey Arena yesterday and left in disappointment. Seguin remains as the GMHL’s first place club with a record of 30-1-1.

A trio of Huskies swept the star board by game’s end. Cody Staub was the first star with two assists, Jim Steele the second with three points (2g, 1a) and Matt Matyi with a goal and assist. Kuchta, Munge and Domin also scored. A combined effort of Hak and Kysa got Seguin through the game in goal.

Seguin has just 10 games remaining on the season and are in a good position to capture the regular season title. Next weekend will be a home-and-home series with the Bracebridge Phantoms. Saturday the Huskies will be on the road in Bracebridge, but return home on Sunday. The next home game is Sunday (Jan 19) at 2:00pm.