There will be one junior division for the 2018 event. The Junior Division will allow players born 1997-2002. All teams will play four round robin games. There is no sudden death for round robin games. The winner of each bracket will advance to the playoff rounds on Sunday. If games are tied at the end of playoff rounds, a 5 minute (3 on 3) sudden death period will take place. If nothing is resolved after 5 minutes, a 3 man shootout will take place. The shootout format will consist of the first three players designated by each coach who will shoot until one team has a goal advantage. No timeouts will be allowed in any round robin games. Playoffs will allow for 1 timeout per team. 

2018 Game Format:
Warm Up: 3 Minutes
1st Period: 14 Minute Stop Time
2nd Period: 14 Minute Stop Time
3rd Period 17 Minute Stop Time
All games will be played by NCAA Rules:
These will be the Exceptions to the NCAA Rules for all of our Tournaments:
- Automatic Icing - No Hybrid
- Teams are allowed to change on icings.
- Coincidental Minors- Teams play 5-5 
- NO FIGHTING will be allowed.
- Run Time after 5 goal differential in third period (Stop time if losing team comes back within 3 goals)

How to Advance to Sunday's Playoff Rounds:
Winners of each Bracket advance. Division winner and Wild Card winner are determined by:
1. Best Record (2 points for a win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss)
2. Plus/Minus Ratio- Goals For vs. Goals Against
2. Least Goals Against
4. Head to Head Competition
5. Flip a Coin

One 30 minute stop time period (No Zamboni)